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2010 in one word


Written in October, 2010 by Lynn Staudacher
Here we are almost to the end of the 10th month of 2010 and I’m ready to summarize the top news stories of this year with one word: Underground.
(Reminds me of the famous scene in the movie, The Graduate, where a character summarized a career path for Benjamin, played by Dustin Hoffman. “Plastics!”, he shouts.)
And I shout “Underground”.   Not the London subway, but something very Plutonian, something very underground.
Pluto, the demoted planet, is very much alive and well. Ask anyone going through a Pluto transit now, especially if you are a Cardinal sign—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.
Your Cardinal Sun is being hit quite hard now with a conjunction, opposition or square to Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter—if you are born March 21 thru April 1; June 21 thru July 1, September 21 thru October 1, and December 21 thru January 1, you know that there is something happening inside you, within you, underneath you which is inexorably changing your life forever.
Pluto, the god of the underworld, rules everything about that world we don’t or won’t see. Think of it as anything in our psyche that we push under—‘I don’t wanna think about…’ Might sound like Denial, but it’s really more than that. Denial is passive but Pluto transits transform Denial into something active. We actively push down that which we want to hide, what we want to disappear from our life, but like the beach ball that we try to push under, it comes back, in our face.
As an added ingredient in making sense of 2010 as our Metaphoric Underground, the 3 big stories of 2010 involve the 4 elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.
The 2010 eruptions of the volcano in Iceland Eyjafjallajökull caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe over an initial period of six days in April 2010. Additional disruption continued into May 2010.
We know that volcanoes are caused by shifts and changes in the tectonic plates of the Earth’s core so that the Earth actually belches out steam (air) and magma (fire). The power and magnitude of this volcano’s eruption closed down air travel in the Western World.
When Big Change is about to happen with the Earth, the tectonic plates shift to open up as volcanic spewing, sometimes even giving birth to an island. Note that the Icelandic volcano as the initiating event in this story, pointing to the change about to take place with the Cardinal (Sign) Drama in the summer of 2010.
According to Wikipedia, The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill) in the Gulf of Mexico flowed for three months in 2010—April 20, 2010 to the capping of the well on July 15, 2010. It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.
Looking at the chart of April 20, 2010, set for the event in the Gulf, we see a magnificent Yod, the Sun at 0 degrees  Taurus, the earth-fixed sign, sextile to Chiron, the Healer of Wounds at 0.0 degrees Pisces, mutable-water. And the apex of the yod is Saturn (authority and great lessons to be learned) opposing Uranus (accidental conditions, rebelliousness) at the midpoint between Chiron and the Sun.
As the investigation into the causes of the oil spill unfolded, we found out these 4 astrological symbols and the archetypes within them told the story, elegantly and with purpose because a symbol, like a picture, is worth a thousand words.
Although the bursting of the underground well was accidental (Uranus), we find that BP had been guilty of over 700 infractions against the law, that they cut corners and ignored warnings (rebelliousness of Uranus) about the well and other drilling attempts. And so what opposes this rebellious accident is Saturn (difficult lessons to be learned) from the Earth (Taurus) and Chiron (continual wounding of our Earth by piercing into the very core to drill for oil).
What is Plutonian or pushed underground about this incident? We continue to feed our addiction to oil to power our autos when we could be researching better ways to discover power without hurting—drilling into—our Mother Earth. And today, October 28, 2010, CNN reports that BP and Halliburton knew of potential flaws in cement slurry used in the Gulf oil well before it exploded, and they failed to act, according to the lead investigator’s letter.
For 69 days, from August 5, 2010 to the last miner rescued on October 13, 2010 in Copiapo, Chile, the 33 underground miners were our metaphoric equivalent of being trapped in the underworld, Pluto’s realm. Trapped is the astrological equivalent of being ‘squared’ and to be trapped in the earth must be a metaphoric death, like being buried alive.
Look at the chart for August 6, 2010, set for Copiapo, Chile and you see the Cardinal Drama of the Summer of 2010. This was the first full day that the miners knew they were trapped.
We see Jupiter and Uranus at 3 and 0 degrees Aries respectively, squaring Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn, squaring Venus, Saturn and Mars at 0, 1 and 5 degrees Libra, squaring the Moon at 3 degrees Cancer. An emphatically tight Cardinal Cross with 4 points and 7 heavenly bodies.
The 7 key members of the miners are mentioned along with their ages in the article in Wikipedia. Six of the seven are having major life transits: one at age 29, his Saturn Return, one at age 40, his Uranus opposition, one at age 63, his Uranus trine Uranus.
One of the key members is age 50, going through his Chiron Return and synchronistically acted as the doctor-medic-healer of the group. (Chiron was a doctor-healer.) Two others are 54, going through their 2nd progressed Moon returns. The only remaining member not positively stained with a life-changing transit is the 31 year old, but I’d place a bet that he was a Cardinal Sign!
According to news reports, the mine’s owners ignored warnings and lawsuits concerning unsafe working conditions in its mines for years and 8 workers have died at the mine in the last 12 years. Between 2004 and 2010, the company received 42 fines for breaching safety regulations.
Like the BP Oil Spill, the whole world was watching, as the corporations (Saturn) thumbed their nose (Uranus) at regulations to put their workers at risk. And with the Cardinal Climax of the summer of 2010 to high-light and underline this event in Earth, what was being pushed under (Pluto) could no longer be hidden.
And so, every element, Fire, Air, Earth and Water appears to underline the truth of the Underground Around the World, how we cannot push it under anymore, how we need to pay attention to what we don’t want to think about.
What I wonder is how many other secrets and lies are pushed under that we will not find out about until it is too late.

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