Cosmic Footprints Wanna Write


Why Write

  • Through the community formed by a writing group which meets every week, you can actually discover and uncover the direct route to telling your own Truth with Spirit and Energy.
  • By writing short pieces in a group, and then reading them aloud, you can discover what your life is/was and what you want from it.
  • And sometimes we use books for themes to write about: such as Callings OR Eat, Pray, Love OR Simple Abundance OR Broken Open.
  • If you would like private coaching in writing, we can arrange for that. Or sometimes, writers ask me to edit their existing work. Yes, I can help you edit your writing. Just ask!

What’s Wanna Write?

Wanna Write is a writing group with experiences in:  we write, we read, we listen, we connect

  • sensing (all 6)
  • remembering (and not remembering)
  • and mindfulness
  • a class in creative process
  • a class in group process
  • a class which uses timed writings as a connection to forgotten and undiscovered parts of yourself.
  • mindful listening connects us to the group

Why do I feel so much energy with this process?

When I touch my creative spirit,  I become more spirited.

Facilitator & Website

Lynn Staudacher, creator of Cosmic Footprints and Wanna Write is a teacher, coach and facilitator of the creative process.  Lynn brings more than 25 years of experience to this process and describes herself as a “spirit guide and catalyst for your creative awakening”.  For the past 17  years, she has facilitated Wanna Write groups in her home.  In the past 20 years, she has personally studied with Julia Cameron, Sonia Choquette, Natalie Goldberg, Christina Baldwin and SARK.

Where & How Much

$165 Fee for 6 weeks

7 to 9:30 PM, usually on Mondays

Last Thoughts

The magical thing about Wanna Write:

A Community is formed because of the intimate nature of the work…it happens at my house all the time!