What is Cosmic Footprints?

Cosmic Footprints is the unpacking of the symbolism in your astrology birth chart, the footprint made by the planets at the moment and day you were born, in the city you were born.

What’s the benefit ? A reading can help you…

  • Sort out what is going on in your life and how you can flow with these changes.
  • Understand the possibility of love and relationships, career issues, life purpose, physical and emotional health, moving to another city, money issues.
  • Listen to synchronistic cues from the Universe which point to your challenges and opportunities, your calling, your purpose and potential here on earth.
  • Watch transits and progressions of planets to your natal chart and the potential for events in your life.
  • Using Astro*Carto*Graphy, and with an accurate time of birth, you can discover optimal places for you to travel and live. (link to A*C*G* page)
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What kinds of readings are possible…

  • Astrology Charts, Horoscopes, Transit reports
  • Natal charts and Progressed charts
  • Lifetime Progressed Chart
  • Synastry and Relationship Astrology
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy
  • Framed birth chart for baby

Readings in Chicago office or by phone (all readings are recorded digitally on CD)

How do you live out your Life’s Meaning, Purpose and Potential?

If you don’t possess your original birth certificate, with a time included, here is a great site which shows how to request one in your state.


  • In a digitally recorded session on CD, in person or by phone, we look at your Life’s Purpose, Potential & Future.
  • You will understand the promise of your birth chart, where your strengths and challenges exist.
  • Previous to our meeting, I will e-mail you a Birth Report for the day and minute you were born, as well as a Transit Report for one year.

Included with 1 hour chart reading:

  • Birth Chart Analysis & Transit Analysis printouts
  • Your birth chart
  • Reference sheets which explain all 12 Sun signs, 12 houses, 10 planets, The Nodes plus Chiron, the Wounded Healer
  • Plan for 1 hour of an interactive and digitally recorded session, which is sent to you in email as an mp3 file for you to download.
  • $175 includes all reports and my session with you and the recording.


  • 15-20 page symbolic analysis of the moment / place of your birth which you carry within you as your own personal cosmic footprint.


  • Another 8 — 10 page report which details the energy manifesting NOW in your life; how to deal with this energy.
  • Include your date of birth, city and state, the exact time (usually found on your birth certificate). If you don’t possess your original birth certificate, with a time included, here is a great site which shows how to get request one in your state.


Birth chart and major transits for the upcoming year.

  • 2 reports emailed: Natal Report and One Year Outer Planet Transits
  • Promise of the Birth Chart
  • What’s happening in your chart this year
  • In-person digital recording of your reading as an mp3 file.
  •  One hour $175

Major Transits / Progressions for the upcoming year.  Best for subsequent readings and for extended knowledge of astrology.

  • Transits/ Progressions to your chart: a report emailed to you and in-depth look at what’s up for you this year
  • Progressed Declinations Chart: your Lifetime at a Glance, more in-depth astrologically
  • In-person digital recording of your reading as an mp3 file.
  • One hour $175

Relationship / Synastry Report between two people

  • Two reports which compare /contrast the two individuals
  • Various reports / charts of both people in relationship
  • In-person recording of our reading sent to you as an mp3 file
  •  One hour $250

Astro*Carto*Graphy reading

  • Report for 3 cities at least 500 miles away
  • Various maps showing A*C*G* lines
  • Other possibilities of best cities to visit or live
  • Three reports only (no reading): emailed for $50
  • In-person recording of our reading on CD one hour $175

Baby Birth Gift 8 x 10 suitable for framing

  • Baby birth chart
  • Need birth date and time, city/state, length/weight of baby
  • Beautiful and unique decorative accents, perfect for a keepsake for parents or baby! $50*
    * PLUS $5 S & H fee for mailing this unique baby chart
  • Baby chart reading $125, includes baby’s Lifetime at a Glance –a look at the whole life of your baby–and how to be the best mother/father based on the aspects in baby’s chart.

What is Astro*Carto*Graphy?

It is the visual tracings of the paths the planets made on the day and minute of your birth, super-imposed onto a map of the world.

You may be familiar with a birth chart that looks like a wheel with 12 divisions or houses. Astro*Carto*Graphy projects these lines into space.

You can use this map as a way of planning vacations, places to travel and even to relocate.

Did you know that Lindbergh made the first trans-Atlantic flight flying synchronistically on his Mars line (energy, drive, male force)?

If you travel to your Sun line, you may find greater success in life. The Sun line is a place which symbolically expresses the ego/identity of a person, where you can shine /radiate your inner energy. Your Venus or Jupiter lines may bring you love or money.

Would you like to know where you should take your next vacation? Or why when you make that business trip to London, something is just not right?

You may pick any 3 cities in the world. Make sure they are at least 500 miles apart. This is an e-mailed report of the potential contained in those cities.

I’d also suggest a chart reading, which is extra but the maps are included. Difficult places to live are indicated by the aspects in your birth chart, e.g. if you have a difficult placement of Neptune or it is afflicted in your chart, the Neptune line may not be the place you want to live. Visiting there for a couple of days may not hurt, but you may not be pleased with your stay.

You will need your place and date of birth and your exact time of birth which is found on your birth certificate.