“Lynn is an experienced guide to exploring the outer corners of awareness. I learn SO MUCH from her…about writing, about love, about life.
She has the most vivid way of describing stars and charts! Her descriptions help me better comprehend the flows and trends in my life.
Lynn is so much fun! What a wonderful, alive and wise person! To explore with her is to live life in a heightened awareness. You gotta be with Lynn and taste/feel/see/experience/hear her descriptions! Her ‘throw-away’ side comments are the most delightful treasures.
When we write, we wind deep down, into the center of the pinwheel of our lives and, thanks to Lynn’s incredible guidance, we discover new parts of ourselves and who we are.”Claire Conley
CIC Consulting
Chicago, IL


“Lynn Staudacher’s feminine power, nurturing, encouragement, and insightful facilitation bring out the surprising best in me and in my writing!”
“Lynn’s astrology readings bring the stars from the sky and ground them right into my life. It has been a tool that has helped both myself and my spouse to see the purpose in our relationship and to be more clear about the challenges we can expect to encounter in our growth and development. Lynn’s delivery of this intimate information is sensitive, kind and grounded.”Therese Rowley

“Beginning with something as simple as an orange, [in Wanna Write groups] Lynn guides me on a metaphoric trip to retrieve distant memories. She allows me to poignantly experience the pungence and extract all the juiciness and re-experience the moment for the first time. Her astrological work is guided by a wisdom born in stillness that takes on profound personal proportions of the cosmic.”Doug Stevenson
Chicago, IL


“Lynn brings great imagination and intelligence to the process of inner exploration, both in writing and in her astrology readings.”Kate Petranech
Kate Petranech Advertising
Washington, DC

“What Lynn brings to [writing groups, astrology reading and business consulting] is a broad and deep authenticity. She facilitates a rich understanding which is theoretical, practical and creative all at once. She provokes thoughts and feelings. She helps access inner instincts. She mines people to find their creative vein, she helps to excavate and bring out the gems. In readings, she explains the Greek myths and therefore personalizes the chart. And finally she draws word pictures to help me understand and live with it all.”Mary Longe
Consultant in Wellness
Chicago, IL

“Lynn is an expert in unpacking a situation with a metaphor or analogy to enhance understanding whether she is reading an astrology chart or leading an idea generation session. She gets to the core and is great in designing experiences that drill down deep. To get to the truth is so necessary, you can’t move forward until you get to the core issue and Lynn helps do just that. You are guided to see a different dimension, she brings hidden things to the surface and helps me discover meaning.”Karen V.
Global Marketing and Idea Generation at Procter & Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

“In the first fifteen minutes of class, Lynn creates a safe environment and a fun place to create. Conventional writing disappears. I may see an opening in the topic and enter (in her metaphor) ‘through the side door rather than the front door.’ I reach deep down into myself without analyzing too much as to how I am doing it. Whatever bubbles up, I write about. This is very freeing..”Sue S.
Chicago, IL

“Wanna Write has opened my eyes and my heart. With her gentle and effective manner, Lynn engages us in self-discovery in endlessly creative ways. I have participated in the writing groups for 10 years now and continue to learn and be amazed.”Carolyn Cassin
Chicago, IL

How to Make a Lynn Staudacher World
By Therese Rowley
From the inside of her Birthday card 2001Mix up swirls of brilliant neon and pastel colors,
And make shapes you didn’t even know God invented
Savor the juicy sweet and bitter tastes inside your mouth
Or put taste in your ears.

Grow a garden of every kind of thing that grows in the ground
Then eat the pretty flowers and paint the ripe vegetables on a canvas.
Finally stir the experience together on paper,
And write about it, adding three staccato edits for good measure.

And then please notice how the words are having words with one another!

You can put sparkles in cat food
Because today Venus is in the dog’s house
And add tomatoes to the chocolate chocolate chip ice cream
Just for the smell, because who said taste was the point anyway?

Now look into the stars and see how your relatives aren’t who they seem
Then keep making new filters for your mind so the world never goes vanilla.
Give all your neighbors and friends your heart and imagination
And keep pouring out your generosity ‘til their smiles are big.

Then find mystic experiences when Love shows up around the dining room table
On a birthday
When friends form reflections and refractions in the smiling gratitude
To be a happy part of the Lynn Staudacher World.

And thank YOU for your wonderful class! I cannot tell you just how much it has meant to me. It’s truly infused me with so much creative energy! I have been positively bubbling over with creative ideas, and I finally feel the motivation, focus and drive to see them through! I am in awe of all the amazing synchronicities that have popped up since I began this class, and unbelievably grateful for all the wonderful events, internal shifts, the extraordinary women I’ve met and friends I’ve made. It’s been a remarkable learning and healing process, and it’s definitely earned its mark on the top of my “Life Dow Jones” industrial chart;)

It’s amazing how engaging in the writing process (both exercising our creative noggins and releasing stagnant energies, emotions and thoughts), can be the pivotal key to unleashing our dreams and setting everything in motion. I had always written, but never actually read my work out loud, least of all anything truly personal. I feel so utterly empowered and grateful to you for this experience – for it forced me to confront my fears on several levels – i.e., fear of public speaking, trusting a group of strangers, trusting myself enough to start letting go, not control the end product so much, and just let the inspiration and emotions flow through me. I feel lighter and freer because of it.

I have to say that last night I was stunned that my piece provoked such raw emotions within me, as I have actually felt quite indifferent (on the surface) to that whole period/incident of my life for a long time now. I was astonished to find that there were still unresolved stagnant energies inside me, and it was very cathartic, poignant, illuminating and empowering to acknowledge and release all of that.

Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor/teacher. Your creative exercises have worked wonders on building my awareness and intuitive abilities. Wherever I go now, I am more attuned to my surroundings and in touch with my senses.

Last night you mentioned individuals who are Creators – those who inspire us and encourage us to dream and take risks: well, it’s teachers like you who make a difference and leave a distinctive and meaningful mark on our lives. Sometimes, we get so distracted or beaten down, we forget about all the greatness that lies within, and so we are reminded and guided by earthly messengers sent from above to cross our path and point the way back to our succulent and juicy lives (as SARK would say:)

Sorry for all the cheese – I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation. I wouldn’t be where I am today, or who I am today, were it not for extraordinary teachers like you. For that I am blessed. So thank you:)



“At the end of my first writing class with Lynn I was trembling. Lynn leaned over and said to me ‘are you trembling out of fear or is it excitement?’ After one year of writing with Lynn I emerged. Our Monday class sessions unraveled me, freeing me to step up and step out into my soul.In that period of time I progressed from “I want to write” to “I am writing” to “I AM A WRITER!”

Her approach is liberating. Not only does she encourage you to dive deep into the murky waters of memory, she jumps into it too! Every step of the way she shares the stories within her own soul which in turn creates the safest environment. I spent years exploring alternative healing modalities but it wasn’t until Lynn’s class that I finally found my voice. Now I know the answer to Lynn’s question. EXCITEMENT!”